Why am I running?

First and foremost is Family. Mine, yours, and everyone else here in CD2, and even the rest of America. What example are we as a society and, more specifically, our Government setting for our children? This administration, along with his cronies, has made extremism an almost everyday occurrence. Now the other side has jumped in and we are in one of the most troublesome political periods we’ve seen in a lifetime. My kids keep asking about what’s happening and, after explaining as best I can, they are hurt and confused. We are sorely in need of a new third direction.

This new way and new style can help reshape our government as well as reestablish faith in the system once again. Our faith in our current leaders and representatives has dropped to some of the lowest numbers we’ve ever seen. It is truly time to bring civility and critical thinking back into our Government.

Who are you?

I am a Father and entrepreneur who has lived and created businesses in CD2 for most of my life.  My kids go to the same schools I went to and have even had some of the same teachers. We have bled CD2 every day of our lives. 

Currently I own a custom furniture shop in Apple Valley. I work with my wonderful wife and have had the time of my life working side by side with her.

I firmly believe that we need to have more people in our government that work with their hands: Artists; plumbers and electricians; Nurses; Teachers; Police Officers; and any of the millions of us who have to fight everyday to make sure our families have food, shelter, and love.

My 3 kids are all still in schools here in ISD196 and we will be celebrating our first High School Graduate in 2020.

I’ve been self-employed most of my adult life. This has helped shape my views on Taxes, Government, Labor, and many other issues. The first thing my friends and family will tell you is that throughout my life I’ve never forgotten where I came from or who I’ve been fighting for.


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