Well reasoned economics, free markets through market transparency, with market regulation structured to achieve the common good. Enable equality of opportunity and fair competition, based on performance and productivity. Checks and balances to ensure that competition and innovation are not squeezed out of the American Dream. Protect and allow for potential to be achieved by the virtue of individual will, rather than subsidy without performance agreements, or due consideration to cost/benefit relationships.

I support policies that honor an individual's right and capacity to decide what is best for themselves. I believe in an inclusive society that protects everyone's rights, and one where Americans have the right to be free of discriminatory treatment because of their race, religion, gender, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or other labels.  And lastly I believe there is no personal freedom without privacy, and we should, therefore, be free from unwarranted searches, detentions, seizures and mass secret surveillance.

I consider education a primary method of achieving personal freedoms, public safety, public health, and prosperity for all. I expect the government to foster the effectiveness of a multi‐faceted educational system. 

I also believe that our post-secondary options have become too expensive. This creates an undue pressure on graduating students entering the work force.

I believe that maintaining and improving our entire infrastructure is one of the key duties of government and thus should be given high priority, something the other parties have failed to do. This failure has resulted in structurally deficient bridges, and aging and crumbling wastewater/sewer systems throughout the country along with inadequate infrastructure and poor regional development.

Elections should not be driven by special interest money, overly restrictive ballot access and debate criteria, and/or affiliation with one of two major political parties. We believe a better election process, including partial public funding of campaigns and alternative voting methods, will lead to more civil campaigns, legislatures that are more reflective of the general populace and, ultimately, reformed government that is inclusive and “by the people” in a way that doesn’t exist today.

I believe in a tax system that is simple in its implementation, easy to understand, and structured so it cannot be used as a political tool to favor one group over another.
Furthermore, I believe in fiscal restraint and responsibility in government with a budgeting and spending process that limits irresponsible spending. I believe in budget reporting and formulation that leads to a clear and transparent picture of the financial health of the government that does not exist today.

I believe in pursuing responsible and sustainable use of our natural resources and that government at all levels must be prudent and responsible when it buys, sells or leases natural resources. As a citizen of the Land of Sky‐Blue Water, special emphasis must be placed on the cleanliness and long term health of our groundwater, lakes and rivers.

Furthermore I encourage renewable energy and investment in its development to ensure our independence from foreign energy sources, ensure future generations have adequate access to affordable energy, and to ensure ours and future generations enjoy healthy and robust natural resources.

I believe marijuana should immediately be removed from Schedule 1 list. I also believe we should openly support legalization, taxation,  and regulation of marijuana and its derivatives. 

I believe that true leadership demands input and solicitation of opposing viewpoints with fair and open consideration of the same with debate conducted publicly and openly. The use of a variety of methods, including technology, should be utilized to broaden input and allow for affordable and adequate provisions of the citizenry to address grievances.