Out and about with everyday Minnesotans!

For the last year or so I have been driving Uber as a second job. It meant that I could still cover my bills while building a new business. The benefits of this job were enormous. Aside from the obvious ones like paying bills and feeding my family, this job put me in close proximity to thousands of Minnesotans. Nope, not hyperbole, it's a very accurate number. Thousands. 

In my time as an Uber driver I've met some pretty darned interesting people. From drunk college kids to suicidal cancer patients, to victims of sexual abuse. I've seen and heard things that you probably wouldn't want to tell your parents about. I've also had the chance to meet wonderfully thoughtful and kind people as well as a battered woman escaping her abusive husband. That last ride was complicated even more by the fact that we were interrupted by two men who tried to rob us at gun point. No we didn't lose anything. Yes we were both safe and healthy at the end. It's a long story for another day. I promise I'll tell you all about it if you catch me out and about during the campaign. 

The funny thing about being an Uber driver is that it's not a driving job. Counterintuitively it's a communications job first. Driving is secondary or even tertiary to the whole Uber driver experience. As a communicator you are: friend; confidant; counselor; news and weather man; a shoulder to cry on; and so many other things. Without those skills you will find driving for Uber quite the terrible experience. 

No im not trying to recruit you to drive for Uber. Not at all. It's a tough living if you're not built for it and don't have a support system to make everything work out. I'm telling you these things because I've learned so much about Minnesotans and their wants and needs and even their wishes for the future. This wasn't an active thing at first, people shoved together in such a fashion tend to talk about things that they might not ever mention to friends and family. I was that guy you'd probably never meet again and there was no reason to hold back.

Ive talked to Trump supporters, hippies, socialists, communists, anarchists, Liberals, and many people that have now become Independents.  I've driven disable people and veterans. I even have 3 uniform patches from an airman who was deploying that morning and wanted someone back home to have something of his as he had no family or friends outside of the Airforce. I put those patches inside my car for people to see. How could I not? People ask about them all the time and I get to tell his story to anyone who listens. Now there are more people that care about this man. It's the least I could do.

Here is where everyone starts wondering what this has to do with me, and you, or this campaign. 

I have become scarred, for better and worse, by my time as an Uber driver. Every customer I have had has left an indelible mark on my very being. I have learned first hand what it means to carry the hopes and dreams and stories of Minnesotans with me everywhere I go. I have been forever changed by the experience.

I will not tell you that this is a major qualification for running for office. That's trite and dishonest. I will say this though, I have gained a very real intimate perspective into what makes our state and it's people who they really are. It reinforces my ideals and beliefs that there is hope and a real opportunity to fix our Nation. Government can't fix everything but it can pave the way for a real future.

In the end there is this. Our politicians do not spend real intimate time talking to their constituents in an honest open forum. They sit above us and get a very quick filtered point from someone as they are shaking hands at the State Fair/Fundraiser/Parade without getting to really know the people. Unfiltered and raw knowledge of people.

I would challenge not just my opponents but anyone that feels they want to lead to take a month and work for Uber. Meet as many people as possible and never tell them who you are or what you're doing. You will find that most of those people can and will change your life. Your perspectives on leadership... And even your humanity.

Be safe,


Bradley Svenson




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