Did those people just call me a Radical Centrist?

After deciding to run for Congress it didn't take very long for me to realize that labeling and redefining your enemies was a common tactic in politics and even everyday life. We see this from people who want to diminish those they fear, or want to disappear, or even to make a hated rival impotent in their actions. By creating a label and new definition for a group you want to minimalize, you do half the work while reaping twice the reward. Historically this tactic has been used in devastating ways. It has also failed in a few instances but it's not as common as one might think. 

So why bring this up now, so early in the campaign? My opponents don't even really know who I am yet. The reality is that the elitist extremists on both sides of the spectrum fear Centrism. So for years they have spent time and money coming after those of us capable of rational thought. They benefit from making impotent those who bring rational and pragmatic solutions to the table. By enforcing the "two party" system they don't have to worry about fighting battles on multiple fronts. This means they need to minimalize us in the middle so that they can try and claim the middle for themselves.

The problem with this is that those of us in the middle recognize this now. We see that while our two major parties have some good ideas and plans, they also have a ton of baggage. So here we are in the middle, stuck picking one extreme or the other, while only agreeing with some of the overall platform. Our parties keep getting further away from us while saying we should be more like them. That's a little insane.


So back to the labeling and redefining.


Let's look at some quick stats.

49.8% of Americans identify as Independent.

2/3 of Americans want rational, pragmatic solutions from the middle. 


This means two amazing things: Almost half of America no longer identifies with a major party; and most people, like me and probably you, are interested in well reasoned and pragmatic solutions.

The parties are losing their hold on America and that is leaving a huge void in our leadership. So like any cornered animal they have to fight back. They don't have any new ways so they rely on the old formula of attack, redefine, and minimalize. 

What does this have to do with my campaign? Well, you will see that many pundits and party leaders refer to Centrists as "evil", "or violent extremists" , or the funniest I've found,  "a group of people that are worse than the plague!" They are describing half of Americans. They are describing the 2/3 of Americans looking for a sane government. They are attacking, redefining, and minimalizing the silent majority. And now, recently, they have added Radical to centrist groups definitions. Radical? Radical Centrist? Seriously?

Ill be honest, I look at myself and the rest of us in the middle and try to find that radical thing we do to earn that title. I couldn't find it at first. What makes the silent majority radical and extreme and violent? Well, I figured it out. It's sad and bewildering if you don't consider the knowledge from above. 

We are considered Radical because we are starting to voice our opinions. We are starting to buck the system. We are resisting their rhetoric. We aren't doing what we are told to do by the parties. Those very simple things. The parties think we are bad because we don't fit into their vision, rather than them trying to come to us. Our very disagreement with their platform makes them call us radical, extreme, and violent. 

I tell you this here and now. 

If it is Radical to have a voice.

If it is Radical to use critical thinking.

If it is Radical to expect the parties to come to us and not the other way around.

If it is Radical to sit firmly in the middle and say both parties have some good ideas...


Then I am Radical. As apparently most of you are too. 


Embrace their definition of us. Embrace that they fear us and our ability to think for ourselves. Brandish it like armor and let the parties know that us Radicals are making a difference.


Embrace a new way, and new style.

Bring civility and critical thinking back to our Government.


Brad Svenson




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